Blue Eyes, Black Hair is a danced adaptation of the eponymous novel by Marguerite Duras.
The theme of the play asks the question of love between two people who do not have the same sexual preference. How to accept then that the other does not come closer to his own desires? The real message is a deep love, the pleasure associated with it, the pain too. In the center of the story, a “funeral place”, a theatre scene, a room where love is impossible. Lying, motionless and naked, a man and a woman, blue eyes black hair like “the young stranger” whom they both love, whom they lost and weep for losing. At the same time the woman weeps over her desire for the man and the man to be prevented from desiring her. Or rather it is said that they weep, themselves do nothing, exposed, sacred, designated to worship. Everything revolves around a terrible and unspeakable moment, when everything has been unveiled and stolen in a flash. This fatal moment, the characters reenumerate the illumination and the mystery, the sudden vision of a man with blue eyes and black hair.



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