It’s been FOUR YEARS baby and I am committing to bringing this Daily Show from where ever I am in the world. There are over 900 Daily Shows right here waiting for your laughter, tears and opinion! I take you through what is like to be a female sailor, and trying to scratch a living out of Youtube.
*A NOTE to the viewer
This is my life and I am taking you along with me (even into the shower) but don’t get too excited, this is just me RAW and sometimes I’m naked free as a bird. I live a crazy life , so buckle up let’s do this thang!!!
If you want to chat as you watch along email me!
Currently the newest videos are at the bottom of the page and unfortunately there isn’t a way to change that within my Vimeo dashboard. So, each new video is found at the bottom (for now)
***Warning Nudity in episodes.
#Sailing #SailingMissLoneStar #Aubrey #Houdini #SailingHoudini



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