When Gus Bazooka built his gym he never imagined that his sons, Angus and Judah, would someday battle for control. However, after Gus’ untimely death (caused by watching a topless racquetball game) the future of the business becomes uncertain and the brothers make a wager to see who will take sole ownership of the gym. When Judah and his henchmen resort to sabotage and hidden cameras, Angus and his employees decide a sexy overhaul is their only chance to save the gym. The beautiful gym manager Christine and sexy physical trainer Jackie get a little help from their friends to raise the stakes and turn up the heat with strip aerobics classes, an aquatics instructor specializing in the breast stroke, and a sexy calendar shoot. In the meantime, Angus dreams about the gorgeous accountant Natalie, the FBI moves in, Janitor yells obscenities, and the wrecking ball threatens. This hilarious, one-of-a-kind comedy is a must see, future cult classic!
#1 Comedy in Amazon VOD!
(Teen, slapstick)
90 minutes, Unrated, nudity, language



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