Matt Lambert confronts the censorship of nipples in contemporary culture
“The shame of intimacy affects so many of us. It’s something that I’m constantly battling with,” explains filmmaker and photographer Matt Lambert of his provocative new film: Nipples. Returning to our landmark Define Beauty series, he breathlessly unmasks the scandal and contradiction of nipples in today’s society, where women’s nipples have become the subject of erasure and concealment on social media; while the male is let slip.
“The male nipple is let slip while the female is censored or removed”
Model, activist and founder of Gurls Talk Adwoa Aboah lends her voice to deliver a provocative verse penned by Alex Holder—a writer and creative, who has critically explored the intersection of brands, bodies, and feminism. Hailing from Los Angeles, Lambert throws away the tools of censorship; bringing the nipple to the lucid center of the camera’s lens.
“As benign as they may be, nipples have been the catalyst for major conversations that reach across gender, sexuality, and the absurd double-standards in digital censorship,” explains the Berlin and London-based filmmaker.
Executive Producer Nils Schwemer
 Jannis Birsner
Commissioner Katie Metcalfe
Written By
 Alex Holder
Matt Lambert
Voiced by Adwoa Aboah
Director Of Photography
 Christopher Aoun
Creative Direction Raven Smith
 Andi Pek
Casting Affa Osman
Hair / Make Up Jana Kalgajeva
Make Up Assistant Patricia Hoos
1st AD Cosima Lohse
1st AC Benjamin Raeder
2nd AC Simon Wandelt
Gaffer Jens Thurmann
Electrician Dennis Schlegel
Electrician Kevin Klein
Production assistant Moritz Tibes
Production assistant Kira Pohl
Color Gregory Reese at The Mill
Telecine Producer Diane Valera
Music & Sound design Q Department
Animation Hayley Morris
Sound Recording Wave Studios London



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