Two women in a place, moving to another. The view changes from the feet to the hair, to the contact, to the absence. It could be a Sunday morning in bed or a dull prison time, a relief or a slowly shifting tension. Privacy, vulnerability, trust and fragility are being addressed through the intimate encounter in between the audience and the performers. Through the cinematic images of the body that are revealing new places and spaces, Heterotopia is a research on the potential of perspectives, the eye’s movement and focus.
For more information: andreashannes.com/#!heterotopia/cz0e
Concept: Andreas Hannes
Development & Performance: Antonia Steffens & Ida Katinka Fridan Petersen | additionally performed by Elisa Zuppini & Andreas Hannes
Advice & Technique: Burkhard Körner
Music: Kostas Hanis
Construction: Frits van Driel
Produced by SNDO

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