Official music video for the song “I Like Your Boobs” by international Christian pop superstar Jonathan Rogers. This song is from his breakthrough smash hit debut album The Genius Of Jonathan Rogers: The Essential Very Best Of Ultimate Greatest Hits Anthology Collection which is available now on iTunes Amazon Spotify and more.
Jonathan Rogers’s music can be found at
This video features a very beautiful sexy lady dancing in black lace bikini bra and panties to the sensual groove of the music. Her erotic dance will hypnotize you into a trance of love. Her body is a gift from God. Supple breasts with ample cleavage for those who enjoy boobs. Tight stomach with a belly button ring for those who are fans of fitness. This dancer woman has it all. This lady is a class act burlesque tease but there is nudity meaning she does get naked and nude so you should still consider this video to be NSFW.



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