“LA MARCHE DU MONDE” (“The Way of the World”) is an experimental 5-minutes film directed by David Le Meur.
A concept-film inspired by the music album “LA MARCHE DU MONDE” by Matico Editions.
davidlemeur.com – matico.fr
Festivals : Fish&Chips Erotic Film Festival (Italy), Great Lakes International Film Festival (US), Briefs Erotic Film Festival (US), Porny Days (Switzerland), Short Screens – Post-porn shorts (Belgium)
With : Tessie Herrasti, Florian Szczepanski
Director : David Le Meur
Photography : Emilien Kurvers
Camera : Simon Vergniaud
Steadicam : Téva Vasseur
Sound design / Mix : Thibaut Quinchon
Sound recordist : Samia Hajoui Taalibi
Make up, hairstyle : Eleonor Dalmas
Assistant director : Hélène Irdor
Catering : Marine Durand, Hugo Delahoutre
Color grading : Brice Martinat
All rights reserved, Matico – Laudanum, 2014



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