When approaching the Re-do I was hoping to find a piece that would evoke both a commentary on intimacy and the body, but equally a performance which could be embedded in any physical setting, therefore that could be transposed to a location within nature. In “Lovers”, I found not only a representation of a queer partnership to which I felt connected but equally an embodiment of the mutual tensions present in the sustenance of any relationship.
John Londono agreed to capture the moment, as we had been waiting to work in collaboration for a while. In demanding him to peer into, and document the performance, I imposed upon him the role of voyeur. I chose to recreate this symbolic ritual with Luna D Santos, a local artist that I met the day of the performance, asking her to take the role of my lover.
It interested me to play with the notions of intimacy. The word ‘Lover’ implies a physical connection, through bodies. In assigning the passive role to someone who had known me in that respect and in acting out the ritual with a stranger I sought to unbalance the signs and symbols communicated through the performance. I sought to redefine them.
Finally, I insisted in enacting this ritual in a remote setting, surrounded by nature to emphasize the tension between Luna and I. It was necessary to remain at a constant distance in order to unravel the ribbon appropriately. The ways in which it failed to remain persistently taut became a tangible expression of the challenges of maintaining various pulls, fears and desires within intimate connections.
October 2012



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