I photographed Mandi in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2010. It was part of a story on me that AOL did, for their website called “asylum.” Nope, it’s no longer around. But Amanda is. I am. This shoot was a bit different for me, as we took the risk of shooting out on a public street, which is technically against the law. One can be topless in New York City legally, but not completely nude. Oh well. Passersby seemed to like it. Mandi (Amanda) is one of my favorite models, due to her infectious smile, curly hair, and amazing body. I never get tired of seeing it. I hope you won’t either, as I have several other shoots with Mandi that I have yet to post. I hope this inspires you to photograph other women naked outside. Unless of course you are in Saudi Arabia. Or if you do, make sure the Prince is ok with it. The Prince of Brooklyn was very happy with a Naked Happy Mandi 🙂



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