Festival Spider Ljubljana
3rd June 2016
40-minute performance
Film by Lesley Ewen
Friday 3 June at 5 pm
A one time only event
Poppy Jackson is a renowned actionist artist, investigating themes around the performativity of the body through working with the female body itself as site. Celebrating the body through a rite of passing and transformation, her new piece presents an embodied ritual in action, in conjunction with the local architecture.
Developed from her work Site, which was part of the SPILL Showcase 2015, Rite spans poles of power and vulnerability. In activating public space, it critiques current societal attitudes towards the female body, drawing inspiration from the ancient figure of the Sheela-na-Gig who was previously installed above many church doorways.
‘Thank you to Alistair Jackson for being such a wonderful dad, always so supportive and proud. Rest in peace.’
– Poppy Jackson



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