The beautiful Siena Hutton was in the UK for Fashion Week and I was fortunate enough to arrange a quick shoot in between her busy schedule.
I am so ecstatic I did for Siena is without a doubt the most experienced model i ever worked with as well as being fearless to everything I asked of her. I really had a lot of fun shooting this as I decided to shoot evry take in slow motion at VFR rate 60 from 24fps which really works and I also used ultra wide and normal wide lenses in certain shots all at F2 or F2.8 for it was a very dark clouded day and I wanted a lot of the natural light to come through with an ISO of 3200.
Siena was fun and gave everything I asked and more and I hope to work with her again if she ever returns back to the UK.
MUSIC: Dead Man’s Opera by Silencyde full version can be listened from their SoundCloud which I highly recommend.
This video is in no way designed to sexualise, degrade or disrespect women. It is to appreciate the female form in an artistic way and the model was very happy with the final cut.
In regards to the rating Vimeo once again automatically chose the MATURE rating however this video is mature but does not contain nudity.



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