I photographed Tanya in her loft in North Philadelphia back in 2007. We both had a lot in common… love of music, food, animals, pot, and naked photographs. And she likes Jews becasue she thinks they’re funny. We are. Tanya is a true professional. It was evident as soon as I arrived, because she didn’t wear undies because they leave marks. Tanya has worked with many photographers before, but none like me. Being happy and naked wasn’t something she was used to. Or being filmed a lot. But once on camera she was a fun, free wheeling, free spirit. You can tell she’s quite comfy in her surroundings. And enjoys jumping naked on the bed. She also likes to wear a Flyers jersey with nothing else. Tanya can be found in my Naked Coast to Coast book on Amazon. Enjoy. Prrrrfect. Yes, I said it.



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