Start your 2015 in the most seductive of ways!
New Year Ball 2015
Unleashed • Misbehave • Erotika • RedLight Cabaret
Saturday, January 3rd 2015
Panama Nightclub Amsterdam
22:00 till 05:00 hrs
Info & tickets:
Event link:
We are thrilled to announce that one of our sponsors for the upcoming UNLEASHED New Year Ball is no other then the worldwide known American film director-producer Andrew Blake. To our and yours delight we’ll project visuals from Andrew Blake’s films on the screens, we’ll also hand out a few hundreds of DVD copies to our beloved crowd as a gift from the Andrew Blake film company. This is definitely something to looking for..! See more at
Known worldwide for his erotic films whose content is not story driven but rather generally evolve as a series of vignettes, Andrew Blake has set himself apart by creating an abstract cinematic experience meant to stimulate the senses, physically and psychologically. His work as “director as dominant” often includes elements of bondage, and public exhibitionism.



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