I photographed Yasmeen in 2002, right in my hood on the Lower East Side. Old School. Mink School. Purple School. Yasmeen was more like a stylist Diva who loved young gay boys and trannies, event though she was straight. I think. She had a lovely, curvacious body, with assorted tattoos. But she owned it. Yasmeen was confident, giddy and flirtatious at times, but a bit shy at other times. I love the footage I have of her on the phone, but only could use a little to fit into the 3 minutes. But it gave you a sense of what she was like, aside from shooting with me. I don’t have tons of footage from this shoot, so I’ll probably just have one more gallery, but I’m sure it will be enjoyable. It’s a shame I can’t show you the stills that I was shooting, but the photos are on film, and I would have to scan them first. Sweet Purple Sirens. ~ Andrew



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