So as part of my process of separating from Youtube as much as possible, as well as reuploading my very first Topless Topics videos for those of you who maybe haven’t seen them yet, I’m going to be reuploading all my old videos not yet added to Vimeo and making them available bit by bit. I will also include the original posting dates and captions, and links to the original Youtube uploads, but keep in mind those links might break as Youtube continues to ban my videos (even the ones from before I stopped putting my hands in the way e.e)
Please also keep in mind that in the early days of Topless Topics, I used to put my hands in the way to try to avoid Youtube censorship, before I decided that it defeated the purpose of trying to normalize nonsexual female toplessness if I kept my hands in the way. So I stopped doing that, and sure enough Youtube started banning all my videos…thank goodness we have Vimeo, who no one uses but who at least allows nonsexual nudity (as long as you keep paying them for a subscription) !
Original Upload Date: Nov 16, 2014
Original Link: youtube.com/watch?v=gU7ZlIwOIRw
Original Caption:
Given that Youtube hates females, I’ve quit Youtube and moved to Vimeo! Click here to see the full explanation (unless Youtube bans this video too): youtube.com/watch?v=4BWU4…
Topless Topics FAQ: toplesstopics.tumblr.com/tople…
Yay, a more official-ish intro for the channel! I even got my boyfriend to be in it for once! Hopefully I can succeed in my mission to de-mystify female nudity and toplessness, but if I can’t, well at least I can say I tried. BOOBS ARE JUST BOOBS, BREASTS ARE JUST BREASTS, STOP HAVING A COW, MAN. *ahem*
First actual topic-related video will be up tomorrow, re: body hair, and specifically leg hair! Make sure you subscribe and/or check back tomorrow (because Youtube’s sub boxes have been broken for over a year now) if you want to watch it!
intro music (c) incompetech.com
Topless Topics has a Facebook page now! facebook.com/TopTopicsTV (yes I had to go with “toptopics” because FB bans “topless” in custom URLs, lawl.)



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